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Peter James Ryan

Peter James Ryan

Peter James Ryan is acknowledged as one of Australia's leading retail business and marketing consultants, presenters, authors and industry commentators, backed by over 30 years’ experience working in and on retail businesses. Peter has been a regular contributor to Inside Retail since 2011.


‘Buycott’ – new term, old idea but more scary than ever

Contemporary technology makes generating a Buycott a frighteningly easy to create and very difficult to undo phenomenon.

Ancient dogma vs the beauty of experimentation & observation

Old retail is dying, new retail is emerging and a renaissance is coming.

Just how short sighted are some of our landlords?

The concept of free and open trade is a myth and big, global fashion brands are experts at exploiting every loophole possible.

Surprised by the demise of David Lawrence & Marcs? Really?

Aussie fashion retailers are out of alignment with consumer stimulation, disconnected with the aspirational magnetism required to seduce sales.

Does the Easter Bunny really want to come out to play in January?

Time to re-examine your retail calendar and how you’re managing it.

Opinion: Cost-cutting versus investment

Is it possible for sound marketing to save an ailing business?

The art of hypocrisy

Analysing the involvement of American Express in the Surcharge Free movement.

Any idiot can sell something if it’s cheap enough

Why desperate attempts to create sales growth at all costs are killing retailers.

Woolworths – From incompetence to wanton destruction

Why Woolworths is not in dire straits – only acting like it is.

It’s amazing the difference optimism makes

Peter James Ryan identifies a key characteristic shared by some of the world’s top retailers.

Blurred lines

It’s time for retailers to live where consumers live – in the blurred lines, writes Peter James Ryan.

Mama Myer

Peter James Ryan’s five key initiatives Myer needs to embrace to be a successful competitor in the new world of retail.

Police foil Cartier jewellery heist

Hostages released following foiled Cartier jewellery heist in Paris.

Walmart reports strong earnings

World’s biggest retailer posts solid third quarter earnings after long awaited turnaround in domestic US market.

Alibaba’s record breaking day

Chinese e-commerce giant smashes records as Singles Day sales reach $US9.3 billion.

Burger King goes beef free

Fast food retailer opens world first beef free franchise in India.

LivingSocial cuts staff

Washington DC-based online deals company slashes jobs after reporting quarterly loss.

Marks & Spencer sales hit

British retailer posts mixed half year profits as warmer than expected weather dents demand.

Alibaba meets earning expectations

Alibaba sees solid rise in profits following record breaking IPO.

Hello Kitty turns 40

Japanese icon Hello Kitty celebrates 40th birthday.


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