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Dennis Price

Dennis Price

Dennis Price is a shopping centre, retail, marketing & strategy all-rounder with over 30 years’ experience, across a portfolio career of concurrent interests including consultant & coach (at Ganador), retail centre management at JLL, GPT, Lend Lease, entrepreneur at Yearone Solutions, Ganador & Uncle Joe's Cafe, and Academic (at MGSM, UoW, AIB). Dennis Price has regularly contributed columns for Inside Retail since 2007.


Coming out as a retailer

Without exception we can attribute success or failure of a retail business to people, says Dennis Price.

The 7 deadly sins of retailing

It is beneficial to take the time to diagnose the failings in one’s retail business, says Dennis Price.

30 practical tips for e-commerce success

Dennis Price provides his top 30 tips for e-commerce operators.

The right strategy today is wrong tomorrow

Things that we know today are always overturned in the face of advancing knowledge, writes Dennis Price.

How good are you?

A host of biases in our thinking processes make us think we are better than we really are, says Dennis Price.

Was your customer service once beautiful?

You need to listen to customers and know them to be successful at customer service, writes Dennis Price.

Why do franchises fail?

Dennis Price gives his view on why some franchises don’t survive.

How to negotiate price

Dennis Price provides some advice on negotiating price without mentioning it.

4 pricing errors that will break your business

Dennis Price looks at the symptoms and common strategies of poor pricing practices.

10 customer service mistakes

Dennis Price’s 10 customer service tips.

Do you think inside the box or outside the box?

There doesn’t always have to be a single option, says Dennis Price.

From trends to action

We should see trends as a symptom of a problem and not the cause of a change, says Dennis Price.

Why do retailers fail – part 3

In part three of his series on why retail business fail, Dennis Price looks at friction.

Why do retailers fail?

In his second post on failure, Dennis Price discusses the ‘big squeeze’.

Lessons on failure

Dennis Price explains why failure is not the enemy.

RIP retail Australia (or not)

The problem with failure is that we run away and don’t confront it well enough to learn, says Dennis Price.

Retailing in a violent society

Dennis Price postulates on the future of society and what that might mean for retailers.

Rigidly defined uncertainty

Dennis Price puts forward his thinking on how meta-trends will define retail, marketing, and business.

A franchise system can be heaven or hell

Dennis Price imparts some words of wisdom on the subject of franchising.

Finding the upside in retail

Dennis Price shares some words of wisdom about looking on the bright side.


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