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Emma Sharley


Emma Sharley is an award-winning brand and marketing consultant, co-founder of fashion tech start-up, Shop You, lecturer at General Assembly and Advisory Board Member for IFAB


What tech can learn from fashion

Five lessons for the tech industry, from leading fashion brands.

5 lessons fashion can learn from tech

Here are some valuable lessons the fashion industry can learn from tech.

ASMR: Switching on to switch off

What is ASMR, and should retailers care about it?

Humans versus technology

Robots are a growing presence in retail, but is this in the customer’s best interest?

How US retailers are using tech now

Emma Sharley reports back from a monthlong research trip.

Ten tech trends that will transform retail

Chat, voice, social and more.

The future of brand experiences

Why the psychology behind experiences in today’s marketplaces matters.


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