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When bots do the buying where is the value in shopping?

The “weekly shop” will soon be consigned to retail history.

Getting ahead of retail cyber threats

Preparing for cyber attacks.

Hope is not a strategy

Retailers need more than hope to change their trading results.

#DeleteFacebook is the start, not the end

Organisations use our personal data daily with impunity. So why are we so outraged now?

Competitive advantage…do you even have one?

Think of some long-standing Australian retailers and assess what has changed in the last decade.

Is slow trade self-inflicted?

Great retailers take advantage of others being ‘off the boil’.

Should you leave customer care to the least trained staff?

The paradox of putting our most inexperienced staff in front of our most experienced customer.

Is being 80 per cent ‘fit for business’ enough in today’s competitive world?

There are very few retail businesses that can afford to lose 20 per cent off the topline and survive.

Are your stores fit for business…or are they the same old vanilla?

Retail Doctor Group on the need to increase adventurousness in store design plus our tolerance of both clinical and compliance standards.

Attitude before experience when recruiting for sales personnel

A good attitude in a store wins over a tired, experienced one, every time.

Do you want fries with that?

Why do business owners tolerate mediocre sales people?

Bricks and mortar is the heart and soul

Ever wonder why we still do what we have always done for the same or similar result?

Who will buy Pie Face?

Pie Face is close to being sold, as news emerges that the business is heading towards profitability.

Bapcor takeover offer for Hellaby now unconditional

Auto parts retailer now declares takeover offer for Hellaby Holdings unconditional.

Restaurant Brands settlement delayed

RBG says deal to buy Hawaiian fast-food operator has been delayed.

5 tips for avoiding a cash flow hangover in the New Year

MYOB’s tips for avoiding the post new year’s cash flow crash.

Retail 101: Don’t forget the swing tag

Product, price and service are still the fundamentals of good retail.

Five ways to fix your broken project culture

Projects that have gone bad are all fixable, but the answers are not in that project management textbook sitting on the desk.

Creating the ultimate UX when delivering retail projects

Innovation requires leadership but also creativity – a culture where people can do their best work and set the standard for the industry.

Five things direct sellers need for a comprehensive internet strategy

Online trends that direct sellers with a mind for the future need to be cognisant of.


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