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Pressy Sankaran

Pressy Sankaran

Pressy Sankaran is currently head of ANZ at Criteo. Pressy is a proven business leader with over 10 years of experience across all performance marketing channels. He has experience in both the US and AU/NZ market, and understands performance marketing from simple ROI model to complex, consumer-oriented strategy.


Five retail marketing trends that will define 2019

Calendar 2019 is set to see a significant retail marketing revamp as the industry goes through a phase of rapid and dramatic technological change. The key for retailers amid all the innovation is to remember to keep their customers at the centre of everything they take to market. Here we look at a number of trends that are set to continue or come to fruition in 2019, including retailers looking to take greater ownership of their customers’ data, the importance of apps and mobile platforms f…

Here’s what the data says about the way we buy clothes now

The customer purchase journey is complicated.


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