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Why aren’t my customers coming back?

Sponsored: Retailers are grappling with the evolution of customer behaviour.

Openpay empowering Aussies to shop and pay smarter

Sponsored: The BNPL provider is available to customers across a wide range of industries.

Harmonising data to make it sing

Sponsored: How IRI ensures maximum data accuracy.

Retailers can now use micro-level insights to develop store location strategy

How Domino’s, KFC and Starbucks tap into micro-level location data.

Steggles celebrates 100 years

Sponsored: The iconic brand has provided Australians with quality products and time at home.

Grab a hold of new retail technology

Sponsored: In the fast paced retail world, not all scanners are created equal.

EuroShop 2020: From clicks to bricks

Sponsored: Digital natives are investing in bricks-and-mortar.

Retail (im)maturity and analytics systems

Sponsored: Why businesses fail to fully capture the value from their data.

Retail recession? Rubbish!

Sponsored: Foot traffic may be down, but shoppers still more likely to buy in-store.

The new goal of big data and technology: Be faster than the speed of change

In this era of fast faster fastest, how can businesses and brands keep up and win?

EuroShop 2020 in Germany rocks retail

Sponsored: EuroShop 2020 will be the 20th annual event.

Improving bar code device reliability with wireless charging

Sponsored: Wireless charging could eliminate issues with corroding connectors.

Harnessing the full potential of online marketplaces

Sponsored: They present a significant opportunity, if retailers get the strategy right.

The best of both worlds: Panel and shopper loyalty data

Sponsored: Find out how one business used data avoid wasted marketing dollars.

Training the next-generation of female leaders

Did you know? Just 28.4 per cent of CEOs or MDs in Australia’s retail industry are women.

The road to Wesfarmers’ stable

Catch Group and Google set to get real on data at upcoming event.

Location and the modern retail ecosystem

Sponsored: There is a need to think of retail as a single ecosystem.

Improving retail sales and operations with traffic data

Sponsored: How ShopperTrak helps retailers like Kathmandu improve store performance.

The case against underinvestment

Sponsored: The cost of doing nothing in the retail sector.

Raising the bar for customer experience

Sponsored: Three key practices to stay ahead of the curve.


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