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How advertising can repurpose itself to serve cities in more sustainable ways

Marketers could be part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Inducing consumer paralysis: how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of choice

The ubiquity of too much choice leads to consumer paralysis, studies show.

City temperatures and city economics, a hidden relationship between sun and wind and profits

Does microclimate affect the productivity of businesses differently across urban and non-urban surroundings?

Online shopping: why its unstoppable growth may be coming to an end

Is an online inflection point approaching?

Are you burnt out at work? Ask yourself these 4 questions

Don’t let your job become the only way you define yourself as a person.

Circular fashion: turning old clothes into everything from new cotton to fake knees

Here’s how to tackle textile waste head-on.

Employee-owned companies perform better, but are resisted by banks, lawyers and governments

Why is employee ownership a successful corporate model?

Why cutting penalty rates hasn’t created jobs

Two years on, what has happened with penalty rates?

Why workers should have a voice in the boardroom

Research shows employee directors and worker councils improve governance.

Is advertising ruining our cities?

Some people think so, but a look back at history reveals the surprising truth.

Why knock-offs are a bigger problem than you might think

It’s not only brands that are harmed in the production of counterfeit goods.

The Ikea effect: how we value the fruits of our labour over instant gratification

Why consumers love DIY.

The trouble with Big W: don’t blame online for killing discount department stores

Online shopping is certainly a factor, but it is not the primary reason for Big W’s troubles.

The dying art of conversation

Opinion: Has technology killed our ability to talk face-to-face?

Australians love their pets, so why don’t more public places welcome them?

Pets are a common sight in places like cafes overseas, but are generally unwelcome in many public places in Australia.

Our culture of overtime is costing us dearly

Your long workweek may be doing you harm.

The decoy effect: How you are influenced to choose without really knowing it

How pricing structures nudge us to spend more.

The hidden costs of online shopping – for consumers and retailers

Opinion: Retailers are struggling with “customer first” strategy.

Recycling is not enough

Zero-packaging stores show we can kick our plastic addiction.

Gillette’s corporate calculation shows just how far the #metoo movement has come

Following Nike’s lead, Gillette embraces social issues in its marketing.


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Two thirds of Aussies are looking for discounts online says @PayPalAU, while retailers seek to slow price markdowns… https://t.co/54hjxgpGax

3 weeks ago

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