ADVERTORIAL: What’s the secret weapon for retailers?

Inside Retail advertorial image - resizedAustralian retailers have a secret weapon that can help them blow overseas and online-only competitors out of the water according to UXC Eclipse.

It’s a new wave of technologies such as mobile point of sale (POS) that make sales reps more powerful than ever and/or lets customers self-serve.

Donna Taylor, UXC Eclipse solution delivery manager, retail, said, “Unfortunately, it’s so secret that only a handful of local retailers are using it. Even major retailers are only trialling it in concept stores rather than taking the leap and implementing nationwide.

“The technology is new and many Australian retailers are taking a wait-and-see approach before investing. They want to see what user acceptance is like in other markets before taking the leap.

“Consumers are looking for a more personalised experience when they shop. They are well aware that companies collect information about them: what they want in return is to have a shopping experience that delights them. This can be done using technology such as mobile POS to give them useful information and make it easier for them to purchase.”

By putting POS in the hands of sales reps, retailers give them the power to engage customers anywhere on the shop floor. For example, if a customer is trying on clothes, the sales rep can process the purchase right there in the change room rather than having them walk to the counter. They can even pull up matching or complementary items on screen for their consideration, potentially adding to the sale.

Or if a customer is choosing wine, the sales rep can use the technology to give them more information on the region the wine comes from, other varietals by the same winemaker and recommendations on food to complement the wine.

Donna Taylor said, “Australian consumers are already embracing options like self-serve checkouts at supermarkets and information kiosks in larger stores. Linking all this information together is the next logical step in getting ever-more tech-savvy consumers to become customers.

“Australian retailers should be looking at taking the leap sooner rather than later to take advantage of the new technologies to meet customer demands and gain a competitive advantage.”

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