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IRWFWC slow review process stalls retailers

The review of the 2010 retail award has been dragging along since 2014 and although a decision was expected to be made by 20 January, Justice Ross has asked to reschedule the timetable by another three months. In the meantime, some retailers have been forced to make staff cuts and are maintaining outdated enterprise agreements with their employees.

Alibaba to boost Australian business

Now that the e-commerce giant has launched its Melbourne offices, Jack Ma has big plans to partner with Australia and help grow local business in the future. In fact, the entrepreneur plans to partner with 10 billion profitable small businesses in the next 20 years and hopes Australia will play a significant role during that time.

FROM THE SOURCE: Kent and Lime

How to get inside the minds of male customers and sell to them successfully, according to Will Rogers, founder of online menswear business, Kent and Lime.

FEATURE: The next step for Australian apparel

From Pumpkin Patch and Payless Shoes to now Marcs and David Lawrence, competitive conditions have made it tough on many local apparel retailers lately, while it’s only a matter of time until another wave of global retailers hit our shores. So what’s next for our retailers this year?

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