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Peter James Ryan

Peter James Ryan

Peter James Ryan is a strategic business consultant with over 25 years of marketing, business consulting and promotional experience. Having worked in roles as diverse as business management, marketing management, consulting and creative services through a myriad of categories and businesses, Ryan has a unique perspective on how to apply marketing based business thinking to achieve sustainable profit growth and productivity gain. Acknowledged as a passionate advocate of the retail industry, his love affair with the category can be traced back to family involvement in the ownership and operation of various retail businesses. Peterʼs previous experience includes Group General Manager of The Banks Group (marketing consulting & research), Head of Marketing for St. George Bank Group, Head of Strategy for Lunn Dyer Design Group, Head of Strategy & Creative for Harrison Holt BBDO and more recently Head of Retail Consulting for IdeaWorks - prior to re-launching his consulting business Red Communication Australia. Ryan has been responsible for the development of some of Australiaʼs leading retail initiatives, retail brands, retail products, retail environments, retail promotions and retail services through both virtual and physical retail. At Red Communication Australia, Ryan applies his unique vision and thinking with energy and passion, to help businesses achieve their true potential at retail.


business strategy, analytics, progress

A free ride from the economy to lift your profit isn’t on the horizon

Australian retail businesses cannot continue to do what they are doing, the same way they are doing it.


Christmas retail – what a turkey!

Two forces combined are ruining the six weeks before Christmas.

store open sign

It’s all in the detail

Modern retailers need to display they care or the cash register won’t ring.

Best Buy Price Match

Mirror, mirror on the wall, so who is the cheapest of them all?

Retail is overdue for a clean out and we’re in the middle of it now – globally.

digital, shop, online, future, omni-channel, multi-channel, online

Not being online can be liberating

E-commerce should not be an automatic inclusion in the operational armoury of all retailers.

idea, business, cloud, lightbulb

We have the wrong attitude to retail ambition in this country

Australian retailers need to be supported in taking the necessary risks to successfully challenge on the global scene.

register, money, price, spending, til, POS

Technology desperate to be liked

Asking for systemised likes and ratings after every transaction is only going to end up alienating customers.

warehouse copy

How much for retail manufacturing?

Aussie retailers must reignite product development that leads to consumer acknowledged differentiation or they are dead.

Miranda Zara

Global sourcing has stuffed fashion – globally

The current cycle of formulaic trend to factory source will not survive the next decade without massive casualties.

Shopping bags, mad, frustrated

Retail would be much easier if you didn’t have to deal with those damn customers!

How blind and inflexible process adherence is destroying customer relationships.


All it takes is enhanced basics to win

To win in retail you don’t engage in a race to the bottom.


Category killers: Breaking hearts everywhere

They seduce with low prices, but how long can the romance last?


What if Amazon is the trigger for the next tech wreck?

The “belief” in Amazon is about a future that may or may not eventuate.

human resources, business, interview

Our people aren’t stupid

In a world preoccupied with performance at all costs, the language of ‘staff loyalty’ does not fit.


Technology is making us stupid

We are ending up with a ‘tick the box’ process based industry and dumbing down retail models, experience and talent.

shopping, retail, emporium, centre

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s time that the 60-year-old model for shopping centres undergoes a makeover.


The SumoSalad syndrome

Resentment toward the ‘negotiation’ of retail lease renewals by tenants has been simmering for a long period of time.

lease, agreement, key

Over inflated valuations are holding us back

Opinion: Bring on the accounting changes and bring in the new blood.


Retail reality is about to bite

Boards, investors and financiers are forcing retail operators into decisions that cannot work long term.


Why are retail analysts and media commentators so damn negative?

The stupidity meter hit an all time high last week when it was claimed a “retail recession” is upon us.


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