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Are you ready for digital fire?

What needs to happen for retailers to recognise it’s when, not if, an adverse event will occur?


Didn’t we tell you?

Amazon is a retailer that has limited capability in the real retail game.

GST, goods and services tax

GST on online imports: time to stop the debate and act

Expect more bankruptcies, lost jobs, inferior products, and lower quality of service if we don’t look at the issues facing the retail industry holistically.

business man writing business strategy

The Grave Sin of Omission

How the Omission Bias impacts retail organisations.

online shopping, e-commerce

Why you need to abolish your e-commerce department

‘Alchemist’s gold’ isn’t found in mastering individual channels, but unifying business’, systems and your people.


Why retailers need two budget deficits

Why the impending economic challenges Australia faces should give retailers cause for reflection.


Opinion: Bi-Lo under a different name?

While Woolworths has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in recent times, could the much-lauded Coles supermarket business be in the early stages of a downward spiral?

Businessman drawing social media connection scheme on glass wind

The elusive root of success

Why trying to discover the ‘magic formula’ for business success is futile.

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True leadership is not politically correct

Why struggling retailers tend to change their senior executives frequently – often to no avail.

canberra, parliament house, politics, government

The forgotten people of the election campaign

Both Coalition and Labor remain quiet on issues affecting the retail industry.

Supa IGA2

Another nail in the coffin for independent supermarkets

Why Aldi’s rise poses a major threat to Metcash and independent supermarket operators.

Coles drops NZ brand

Coles replaces popular New Zealand product for ‘Australian made option’.

Is e-commerce oversold?

Australian retailers should be looking to integration of their traditional and online businesses to survive into the future.


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