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Dave Farrell

Dave Farrell is a retailer and writer with three decades of experience on three continents. He can be reached at Freelance Alliance NZ on [email protected]



Telltale signs of an ailing retailer

How do symptoms present themselves to the general public?

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The faux discounter

Discount branding is a tightrope that very few do well and even less should partake.

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A tale of two retailers

Never underestimate the devastation of a single person’s toxicity on a brand and bottom line.


Retail cultures reflect leadership

A realisation that the company name is not the overriding brand nor is product and price-point decisive factors.


Change without courage is mute

Be wary of those who prescribe change for they are the very same who either did not foresee today’s retail turmoil or contributed toward it.

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Going back to basics

There is no silver bullet for retailers.

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The retail plunge from mediocrity

The compulsion for conformity is nothing other than a guise by ambivalent support offices and ivory towers in a corporate quest for sameness.


For better or worse?

Over the last 25 years, has retail changed for the better or for the worse?

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Fiddling while retail burns

Are the fundamentals of retail being ignored in the clamour to apportion blame when business wanes?

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You know you’re a retailer when…

Why retailers can never switch off – even when not on the job.

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Retail – no place to hide

Why retail is, and always has been, an open and honest industry.

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Retail guru or snake oil charmer?

Are advisors and consultants aiding and abetting retailers, or doing more harm than good?


The TV home-shopping dinosaur

The Jurassic beast of TV home shopping continues to defy extinction.


Replacing psychobabble with Retail KISS

Why there is no surreptitious approach to the communal mindset of the fickle shopper.


Pop-up shops as mere distractions

Is pop-up retail a feasible option for established retailers?


Retailers lacking in (Dis)abled Intelligence

Dave Farrell on how retailers can benefit from embracing an integrated work culture.


Lust for technology impacting service

Is the lust for new tech solutions causing retailers to lose focus on service?

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Customer service according to who?

Debunking key delusions surrounding customer service in retail.


International retailers remain hungry for Australia

Is the increasing arrival of international retailers to our shores the beginning of an imminent armada?

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Retailing – The Absolute Vocation

“For those who persevere, the dividends are not just extraordinary, but unparalleled.”


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