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Richard Umbers, Myer

“Our game to lose”

Myer boss sizes up Amazon.


Myer’s tepid first half

Sales in January and February “below expectations” for department store giant.

5-Instagram Wall

Tracing the past for retail’s tomorrow

New research examines the key milestones in the evolution of customer experience to chart the store of tomorrow.


Topshop launches Aussie e-commerce platform

Fast-fashion giant moves into omnichannel.


Debt and Amazon: a perfect storm

Consumers with less to spend naturally seek out the lowest prices possible – something that bloated traditional retailers simply can’t compete on.

Singles' Day, China, tablet

APAC online sales to hit trillion dollar mark

Aussie opportunities abound as China moves towards a consumption-led economy.

Ryan Murtagh

Podcast with Ryan Murtagh, Neto

Sponsored: Neto’s CEO and founder gives his tips for retailers looking to bolster their multi-channel capacity.


Australia’s oldest marketplace charts digital growth

Heritage brand sets lofty ambitions in bid to take on US-owned Gumtree.

business strategy business people

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

This “fluffy” concept really makes the difference between success and failure.


Game changer?

It is seldom that something totally new and significant happens in retail.


The CMO’s guide to digital benchmarking

A breakdown of the different facets to consider from an online marketing perspective.

Alex Wood

It’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it

Retailers that focus on how they connect over what they sell might just discover the best defensive strategy ahead of Amazon’s arrival.

Yop Polls

Fashion failures or rough market?
Does the recent spate of retailers entering administration indicate businesses shortcomings?


Kate Box, Local Head of Retail Facebook on stage at Inside Retail Live. Register now for Festival of Retail Ideas…

10 hours ago

One has to question how long Australia can sustain so many similar 'disruptive' retailers.

12 hours ago

See how cognitive technology can empower retailers at our Festival of #Retail Ideas:

13 hours ago

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