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Sales seasons stretched as shoppers turn savers

Conservative shoppers are picking out bargains at Australia’s biggest department stores as half yearly sales run into late July.

Blogs influencing sales

Survey finds almost 90 per cent of respondents are swayed by blogger reviews.

Merchandise planners in demand

Merchandise planners are on top the list of skills in demand in Australia’s retail sector.

Rentals on the rise

The number of people choosing to rent domestic products rather than buy outright is increasing.

Restauranteurs add to centre

Westfield Sydney has announced the final suite of level six restaurateurs to open from August.

The myth and reality of the global invasion

What are the real long-term effects of a new competitor in Australian retail, asks Peter James Ryan.

There just aren’t enough customers out there!

Have you ever sat at the Monday morning retail team meeting and heard the following? ‘Well, sales were down this weekend due to a lack of customers’. Comments like this are especially compelling in this current marketplace where talking it down is fast becoming a national pastime! Recently, I visited five different retailers in store (15 minutes per visit) to observe first hand this current malaise of retailers not having enough customers. Here are the impromptu results from my observati…

The shop without sales

The secret to a focused, motivated and goal focused retailer is generally not found in the shop. Seem strange or even impractical? From our experience the start of assessing whether a shop team is sales focused starts in the backroom (or manager’s office). The backroom should be the engine room of a well run motivated store and no surprises that when assessing a retail shops performance there are some tell tale signs of the business focus that lie within this small room. Typically, apart from …

A good strategy poorly delivered won’t pull the skin from a rice pudding

I remember hearing these words, at a conference, from the then MD of Wembley Stadium in the UK and it has stayed with me for more years than I care to remember. In fact all the data and every piece of research that we work on in this space show us that over 40 per cent of strategic intent never gets delivered! It is also interesting to see many strategy consulting firms respond to this tightening economic conditions with the ‘stick to the basics’ message. Our view is that is delivering consi…

So you think you can sell?

Despite so much commentary on ‘how to survive in a recession, there are some straightforward business tips that don’t often get mentioned – and will help retailers quickly. Let’s start with an area that surprisingly is often overlooked being the noble art of retail selling: Fiction: Every trained sales person can engage the customer in a non business approach, assess customer needs through skillful questioning, retain the vital information, ready for playback at a later stage, and then ski…

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Innovation key for convenience stores

There is a critical need for suppliers to innovate to support smaller retailers, says the AACS.

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The Amazon effect...
What impact will the e-commerce giant have on Aussie retail?


How to build a global brand like Santa Claus.

4 days ago

Swedish fashion retailer headlines centre's final stage of $350m redevelopment.

4 days ago

Surging Chinese demand for Australian-made products fuels company's growth plans.

4 days ago

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