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The mystery of on shelf availability and lost sales

Ensuring a product is instock for consumers to consider for purchase remains one of retailers biggest challenges.


Keeping up with Ted Baker

How a British retailer is proving that there are alternative ways to convert the power of video messaging into sales.

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Retail’s next big plays: rethinking innovation in Australia

A reflection on global retail trends.

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Tracing the past for retail’s tomorrow

New research examines the key milestones in the evolution of customer experience to chart the store of tomorrow.


Topshop launches Aussie e-commerce platform

Fast-fashion giant moves into omnichannel.


Debt and Amazon: a perfect storm

Consumers with less to spend naturally seek out the lowest prices possible – something that bloated traditional retailers simply can’t compete on.

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The week that was

Looking back at what made headlines this week.

TK Maxx

The week that was

A look back at what made headlines this past week.


Australia’s oldest marketplace charts digital growth

Heritage brand sets lofty ambitions in bid to take on US-owned Gumtree.


Margin focus keeps SFG earnings in black

Rivers delivers positive earnings, but uncertainty over takeover scares shareholders.

Jenny Brockis

Retail therapy: why we love to buy

Trying to rationalise between the pleasure of acquiring items vs the pain of paying money.


Harvey Norman’s best ever first-half

Buoyant housing market helps furniture and electrical goods retailer buck trend of retail woe.

Yop Polls

Fashion failures or rough market?
Does the recent spate of retailers entering administration indicate businesses shortcomings?


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One has to question how long Australia can sustain so many similar 'disruptive' retailers.

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See how cognitive technology can empower retailers at our Festival of #Retail Ideas:

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