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Who’s spending money and who’s just wasting time?

Retailers talk about loss prevention, but with so much at stake what about abandoned sales prevention?


Ray Ban transforming optical retailing

Brian Walker looks at the iconic brand’s flagship store in SoHo.


Forget digital and brick and mortar: Think customer experience

Why taking price out of the equation and re-thinking CX can help avoid ‘Death by Amazon’.


Are marketing initiatives destroying the customer experience?

Retailers need to remove the rose tinted spectacles and question the practicability of ivory tower initiatives.


Technology is making us stupid

We are ending up with a ‘tick the box’ process based industry and dumbing down retail models, experience and talent.


It’s not me, it’s you

Why your customer is breaking up with you.

Haven presenter and wellbeing coach Kelly Carthy

Noosa Civic launching mindfulness sanctuary

Shopping centre looks to wellbeing specialists for community engagement initiative.

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Tracing the past for retail’s tomorrow

New research examines the key milestones in the evolution of customer experience to chart the store of tomorrow.


Customer experience strategies lacking: survey

Survey suggests brands not keeping up with self-service customer interactions.

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Building the pre and post purchase customer experience

Brian Walker laments the lack of targeted offers by retailers to customers.


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