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The end of customer service

Is it any small wonder that we are witnessing the end of a retail era?

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When the smoke clears, it’s all about product and experience

The management view that everything can be cut down to ‘international benchmarks’ is formulaic nonsense.

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Customer service: a spontaneous echo

No amount of indoctrination will enthuse demonstrable passion from team members unless there is meaningful engagement.

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Retail – no place to hide

Why retail is, and always has been, an open and honest industry.

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Customer services biggest mystery

Debunking the appraisal of customer experience, as a result of cumulative averages and aggregates.

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Embracing customer complaints

Why a customer who complains is a retailer’s best friend.

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Customer service according to who?

Debunking key delusions surrounding customer service in retail.

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The importance of customer loyalty basics

When considering the bells and whistles in your loyalty program, forget the basics at your peril.


Human touch in a tech-driven era

Why human interaction is key, as technology drives retail innovation.

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Improve over the phone service or pay the price

Stuart Bennie on why retailers and suppliers must offer quality telephone customer service.


Staging your omnichannel investment

Brian Walker on prioritising your omnichannel investment.

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Firing up on customer service arrogance

Stuart Bennie sounds off on the arrogance of bad customer service.

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The Amazon effect...
What impact will the e-commerce giant have on Aussie retail?


Tiffany & Co posts lift in holiday sales

2 hours ago

Perth-based syndicate buys into NSW large format market

4 hours ago

Myer restructures management, cuts support staff

6 hours ago

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