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Making a statement – lessons from a graffiti artist

Exploring the extremes allows us to open up our mind to the possibilities.

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Show me the values

The challenge for retailers comes when there’s a disconnect between what values are posted on the staffroom wall and the reality.


Opinion: Is David Jones losing its soul?

“What originally makes you famous is what will sustain you”.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

This “fluffy” concept really makes the difference between success and failure.

Alex Wood

It’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it

Retailers that focus on how they connect over what they sell might just discover the best defensive strategy ahead of Amazon’s arrival.


Breaking out of the cookie-cutter mould

Putting community back at the heart of retail.


Ancient dogma vs the beauty of experimentation & observation

Old retail is dying, new retail is emerging and a renaissance is coming.


Know your ‘enemy’

Thinking of customers as individuals – not nameless, faceless numbers.

easter eggs in shopping basket

Does the Easter Bunny really want to come out to play in January?

Time to re-examine your retail calendar and how you’re managing it.


Retail With a Cause

Four tips to inform how retailers can, and should rebel.


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