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How to action data

For all the focus on systems, tools, and resources, what exactly are retailers doing with customer information exactly?


Creating an excellent customer experience

There are common threads for organisations that have moved the needle from poor customer experience towards industry leading.


It’s time for an EAS revolution

Sponsored: New tech to deliver better detection, wider aisle widths, enhanced connectivity and cost savings.


Mobile device data – the new frontier in trade area and customer analysis

Sponsored: Location-based data fed from mobile devices is a game-changer for retail.

Businessman drawing social media connection scheme on glass wind

Company heads split on AI business case

Retail leaders unsure over the future of human and machine partnerships.


Shape up your payments for growth

Sponsored: Rapid development and hunger for innovation is creating its own challenges.


Amazon to push Australian retailers into ‘segment-specific’ focus

Global data firm says e-commerce giant’s entry may force local retailers into tech investments.


Levi’s strikes strategic balance

Heritage denim company looks to strike balance between retail fundamentals and digital possibilities.


The week that was

Looking back at what made headlines this week.


Trust in digital technology will be the internet’s next frontier

After decades of unbridled enthusiasm – bordering on addiction – about all things digital, the public may be losing trust in technology.


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