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Retail named second top performing sector

Retail comes second to Banking in Australia’s top performing sectors list.

Plastic-free campaigns don’t have to shock or shame. Shoppers are already on board

Positive encouragement and advice are preferable to fear, shame or shock tactics, agencies designing campaigns on the use of plastic bags told.

Victoria to ban plastic bags next year

Plastic bags used by retail stores, takeaway shops and small supermarkets will be targeted

Woolworths Group own over half of alcohol market

Report: Overwhelming majority of alcohol purchases are in supermarkets.

Private label is taking over supermarket shelves

Love or loathe them, private label products are going to significantly impact Australian suppliers.

Coles Flybuys Australia’s favourite loyalty program

Research study reveals most popular loyalty program.

Honey, I shrunk the store

Why your local supermarket is getting smaller.

Coles signs agreement on transport safety

Supermarket giant signs pact with Transport Workers’ Union.

Ebay brings Flybuys to platform in Wesfarmers deal

Retail conglomerate extends loyalty program to Australia’s largest marketplace.

Franchise sector in the spotlight

Stakeholders in the franchise game encouraged to contribute to a parliamentary inquiry.


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