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Amazon Fashion drops first influencer collection

The Drop taps into the power of influencers.

How to cut through the kaleidoscopic customer journey

Three tips for building a community in the age of social media.

Two million households to receive first eBay catalogue

The online marketplace is encroaching on bricks-and-mortars’ territory.

Is advertising ruining our cities?

Some people think so, but a look back at history reveals the surprising truth.

Victoria – A positive growth story

Sponsored: Victoria offers several attractive benefits for retailers.

Core categories boost Shaver Shop’s sales in second half

The specialty retailer has also announced the implementation of its first-ever CRM solution.

The new golden rule for retailers

Experience is the new currency of 21st-century retail. Here are the four main types.

Coachella: “We love it for the content”

How two Aussie brands make the most of the US music festival.

The Ikea effect: how we value the fruits of our labour over instant gratification

Why consumers love DIY.

Spell: Social media is about more than appearing in your customers’ newsfeeds

Retailers question Lush’s decision to social accounts.


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