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Typos, bad writing killing conversion

New research reveals some surprising causes of cart abandonment.

From the source: John Charlton, Spend-less Shoes

Spend-less Shoes says there are lots of different ways to keep on sell…

How to succeed in the purpose economy

Tips for retailers that want to do good.

Retailers are selling sustainability, but are customers buying?

A new survey casts doubt on whether customers prefer sustainable brand…

How online florists stand out from the crowd

Petal Post has some bright ideas to sustain Valentine’s Day sales year…

What’s next for David Jones?

Four CEOs in five years, lacklustre holiday performance and an unhappy…

Why retailers are the new media moguls

Retailers are more trusted than media brands, expert says.

From the source: Martin Matthews, Brand Collective

Brand Collective’s wide range of iconic labels is finding success in s…

Jigsaw puzzle retail – missing a few pieces?

Despite the growth in adult jigsaw puzzle sales around the world, the …

Cashing in on kids

From clothes to footwear, are kids the next major market?

When the message gets mixed

Napoleon Perdis may have confused his customers.

From the source: Marnie Goding, Elk

Elk has created elegant fashion while maintaining the highest ethical …

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