Key Advice for retail Professionals - Inside Retail Australia

Call to guard data in foreign takeovers

Takeovers shouldn’t result in the misuse of Australian data.

10 practical tips to expand your brand to the US

“Follow up at least three times” and other lessons from Ettitude founder Phoebe Yu.

Online Retailer: Roadblocks to growth

How Walmart and Adore Beauty adapt and grow.

Half of Australian jobs have been impacted by automation

Open communication and upskilling are crucial to support workers.

Retail learnings from the vision and legacy of Apple

Brian Walker on why many retailers try to copy Apple in their shop designs yet fall short in the actual implementation.

Any elephants in the room?

For all the projects, training schemes, improvement programmes and fast-track systems, retail still finds itself as a last resort to prospective employees.

When was the last time you measured your customer service?

Why are retailers focused on ‘experience’ when they can’t get basic customer care right?

There is hope for the high street

Here’s how to transform it.

Why Australian organisations can outperform European peers in tackling modern slavery

How will Australian companies fare when the Australian Modern Slavery Act comes into effect later this year?

How to beat the machine

Brian Walker on the power of storytelling in retail.


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