Opinions - Inside Retail Australia

Why the waste export ban should include textiles

It’s time to stop treating textiles differently from other plastic waste.

Don’t innovate, adapt: What retailers can learn from Ikea

The furniture retailer has adapted its iconic store format for urban shoppers.

Retailers cannot ignore consumer concerns over data privacy

Most consumers know retailers collect their personal data, but want greater transparency.

Is bigger actually better?

Retailers are revisiting the calculus on store expansion.

What Barney’s bankruptcy means for luxury retail

The cost of rent and rise of D2C are destabilising the traditional luxury market.

Four Corners’ forced labour expose shows why you might be wearing slave-made clothes

Retailers promise to investigate relationships with suppliers following expose.

The megatrend being adopted by leading retailers

Opinion: Why more retailers are embracing this ‘megatrend’.

Nine ways to grow in a tough retail climate

And how one small change makes the difference in turning a profit.

How to manage overpayment

While a worrying number of retailers have been caught underpaying staff, some have the opposite problem.

Discounters squeezed from both sides

Why Kmart, Big W and The Reject Shop are under pressure.


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