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Woolworths has already announced it will open more smaller stores.

Honey, I shrunk the store

Why your local supermarket is getting smaller.

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Do you own the retail space?

What invitation do you have to play in the great game of retail?


Abolishing the minimum wage

COMMENT: Consumers, casual readers and industry outsiders who are not actually directly impacted by the minimum wage like the idea of a minimum wage because it makes them feel good.

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Beyond fabricated ambience, into retail auras

Retailers invest millions of dollars fabricating store ambience, so why doesn’t it always work?

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Is the discounting drug worse than the illness?

The true measure of a retailer’s ability is the management of its gross profit.


The six new Ps of marketing

Sponsored: New principles for a new age of customer centricity.

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What’s the big idea?

Sticking to polished processes and protocol that look good on paper, won’t help to reignite retail fortunes in today’s world.


The hypocrisy of the minimum wage

Dennis Price examines the wages debate.


Baptism of fire for Myer’s new King

Struggling department store chain’s newly appointed CEO has many challenges ahead of him.

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Managers incommunicado

Retail needs to purge the errant demeanours manifesting within ivory towers.


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