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Domino’s invests in tech to improve quality

New camera technology addresses common customer complaint.

Google to measure environmental impact of fashion

Tech giant announces tool to examine industry-wide problem.

The data scientist: Retail’s new superhero

How data scientists help retailers make use of an ocean of information.

How Amazon innovates

The retailer breaks down its ‘work backwards’ process at the latest Innovation Day.

Walmart ‘hires’ an army of robots to handle cleaning and unboxing

US retailer adds thousands of robots to its stores to handle cleaning tasks.

Increasing energy costs driving adoption of solar in retail property

Retailers, shopping centres seek to reduce energy bills.

Caltex putting digital foundations in place

Convenience company transforming with an eye to the digital future.

Smart Item Robotics enabling gradual shift to fully robotised DCs

Sponsored: New technology solutions are robotising the supply chain.

Why The Party People is investing in voice

“I want to be one of the retailers riding that momentum.”

Officeworks acquires Geeks2U in services push

Acquisition complements Officeworks’ existing service for businesses.


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