Retail Accelerator Workshop

Workshop with two expert retail facilitators

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Inside Retail Academy along with Global Retail Academy is proud to be hosting an intensive 1-day leadership workshop in Melbourne on Tuesday (25th) at the Sheraton.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, retailers that embrace the notion of continuous change and take action to educate, communicate, guide, empower and innovate from within will survive and thrive. Those that don’t, risk disappearing forever. Join Prakash and Andrew to discuss:

1. Reinvent or disappear, it’s about continuous innovation.

2. Invest into your learnings, both technical skills and adaptive skills

3. Learn to drive top line sales and bottom line profit

4. Remove the Silo Mentality, it’s about integration

5. Grow your talent from within and create highly engaged work force.

08:30AM - 5:00PM - Lunch & Breaks Included Sheraton Melbourne Hotel, 27 Little Collins Street


Retail Accelerator Workshop 25th July

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Event Information

8.30AM – Registration

9:00AM – Session One – Reinvent or Disappear

Today we are all grappling with extraordinary changes that represent a permanent shift in the way we work, communicate, share our lives, create value, develop leaders and innovate. What seemed unthinkable yesterday is either commonplace, on the horizon or on the verge of being introduced today.

With the world becoming infinitely smaller, all businesses must focus more heavily on global mega-trends as opposed to just issues specific to their own industries and organisations if they want to do more than just survive.

10.30 to 11AM – Morning Break

11 – 12.30 pm Session 2 – The 13 RETAIL IMPERATIVES

The convergence of technology and retail selling channels has turned traditional retail models upside down. This radical era of change is forcing the retail industry to reevaluate their businesses as a whole —their people, processes and partners, and the technologies that support them.

12.30 – 1.30 pm Full Lunch & Networking

1.30 – 3 pm Session 3 – LEVERS for IMPROVING PERFORMANCE

You can improve retail performance simply by identifying and managing the levers that contribute to that performance.
Explore levers such as Customer Traffic, Conversion Rate, Average Units per Transactions, Gross Profit, Inventory Carrying Costs and many others. Learn shortcuts on how you can measure and drive top line sales and bottom line profit.

3 – 3.30 pm Afternoon Break

3.30 – 5 pm Session 4 – The Burning Platform in Retail

The only positioning worth striving for today is to be the best in the world. The drive to be number one in retail starts with a clear understanding of what is it that makes a retailer successful and what are the reasons of retail failure. Being able to pinpoint the weak links in your retail supply chain and having the acumen to strategise and implement focused strategies is what will take you there.


Dr. Prakesh Menon

Prakash has had significant corporate careers across two continents where he fast tracked his career to the top. As a former board member and Director Of Supply Chain at MYER - Australia, a $3.2 billion retail giant, adding $25 million to the profit in just 10 months and a whopping $290 million to the profit over the next 3 years.
He is one of the most sought after Global Business Strategists currently engaged with multinationals and centres of excellence across the Middle East, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and the USA streamlining processes, creating high-performance cultures and in adding significant value to the bottom line.

Andrew GRA

Andrew Cavanagh

After over 20 years with Myer and Coles Myer and former Acting Executive Director at the Australian
Centre for Retail Studies, Andrew
established a business to focus on what he loves most, developing the skills and competencies of Buyers and Planners in the retail sector.
Andrew is the expert in creating clarity from confusion and has successfully implemented profitable
processes and procedures to new and dysfunctional areas of retail organisations internationally.


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