12 trends to change the future of retail


drawing, idea, business The following changes will materially affect your retail future:

  1. Manufacturers in retail
  2. Wearable technology
  3. Mobile phone usage
  4. Ageing workforce, ageing market
  5. Ethnic diversification
  6. Multi-channel delivery and engagement
  7. Social media communications strategies
  8. Diminishing career loyalty
  9. Price convergence online/offline
  10. Drone technology in the supply chain
  11. 3D Printing
  12. Peer2Peer transactions.

Of course there are more – but you get the idea. Change is relentless, overwhelming, and unpredictable. You have two options to deal with this future:

  1. You can develop strategies for each one, assign resources, and monitor progress in order to respond. You anticipate, react, and constantly fight. You win some and you lose some – but you can never stop worrying.


  1. You build your organisational culture to be an adaptive system. A system that is self-governing that thrives on complexity and is anti-fragile.


Which one is the hardest?

Which is the most effective?

Most importantly, what do you choose?


Have Fun


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