ADVERTORIAL: Creating customer loyalty with post purchase marketing


loyalty programThe post purchase experience can determine whether a customer will become a loyal and repeat purchaser – maybe even a brand advocate – or simply a one and done passerby.

Carefully crafting a post purchase marketing program that fits your brand and your customer’s expectations is critical in reinforcing the customer’s perceived value of what they just purchased.

To address this, Bronto is holding a webinar that will examine how to create a post purchase messaging program that will keep customers buying time and time again.


The session will address:

  • How to use customer data to enhance your messaging strategy
  • Types of messages to include in your series
  • How to balance all customer messaging during the post purchase phase
  • First time vs. repeat purchasers: Ways to differentiate the funnel
  • Message timing, key considerations and often overlooked pitfalls to avoid

The webinar will be held at 11am, March 26 with Bronto marketing strategist, Greg Zakowicz.

To register, click here.


About Greg Zakowicz:

Greg Zakowicz, marketing strategist at Bronto Software, consults with and advises companies on ways to grow revenue by building, analysing, and improving their commerce marketing programs. He is an expert on email and cross-channel marketing. He frequently speaks at marketing conferences and is a regular contributor to the Commerce Marketing Blog and other industry media. As a results-driven marketer, Greg is especially attuned to metrics-based analysis which he uses to help improve the performance of his clients’ marketing programs.


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