Coles Flybuys Australia’s favourite loyalty program

Coles flybuysColes Flybuys is the number one loyalty program in Australia according to the ‘For Love or Money 2018’ research study.

The paper found that 35 per cent of those surveyed believed Coles Flybuys are doing a very good job, while 20.2 per cent sided with Woolworths Rewards – a sizable increase from 13.4 per cent last year.

Australians, on average, are a member of 4 loyalty programs, and are active in around half.

On the topic of privacy, the study found that once members understood how their data was being used 50 per cent were okay with sharing this information in order to receive a better shopping experience, while 23 per cent felt this was an invasion of their privacy and 27 per cent didn’t feel strongly either way.

Interestingly, 36 per cent of members expressed level of interest in being rewarded with cryptocurrency rather than more traditional rewards or benefits.

There are three main motivations to join a loyalty program according to the study: convenience (47 per cent), transactional (43 per cent) and emotional (9 per cent).

These percentages have changed since the 2017 report, with ‘transactional’ benefits becoming more important to Australians, almost meeting the importance of ‘convenience’.

Unsurprisingly, as digital platforms continue to improve and become more convenient for consumers, there has been an increase in customer preference for digital loyalty programs, with a 160 per cent incremental gain (5 per cent to 13 per cent) in customers wanting to “use a mobile app to receive rewards/benefits at the same time as paying with your preferred payment method”.

Additionally, presenting a physical loyalty card to claim rewards or benefits followed by paying using the customers preferred method dropped in popularity year over year, from 81 per cent to 67 per cent.

Overall, an increasing number of people (59 percent) believe loyalty programs have improved a lot in recent years and offer worthwhile benefits to members.

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  1. Avatar

    Scott posted on June 18, 2018

    Seriously? Flybuys would have to be the single most useless rewards program around. reply

  2. Avatar posted on June 19, 2018

    Flybuys!!! Is this useless program still around? What a waste of time. reply

  3. Avatar

    koalaphil posted on June 19, 2018

    have received more than 3000% more in bonus points than actual purchase points Glad that Flybuys is the best Loyalty program in Australia reply

  4. Avatar

    Julz posted on June 19, 2018

    Flybys are fun to collect. Watching the points grow towards buying that extra something. reply

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