Cost Effectively Build Your Email And Mobile Marketing Database

Email is a highly effective channel for retailers to deliver content rich marketing messages to consumers. Executed properly, email marketing is engaging, non-intrusive and highly measurable. It allows marketers to easily test the effectiveness of parallel offers, tailor campaigns to an individual’s preferences and drive online traffic. And with open rates for targeted, relevant and timely campaigns reaching up to 40%, it is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective forms of marketing around today.

An excellent compliment to email, mobile marketing yields the highest cut through rates of any form of direct marketing. Campaigns can be set up and distributed to a database in minutes, driving in-store traffic within hours, making mobile marketing particularly suitable as a counter action to competitor initiatives.

So, it’s hardly surprising that a key goal for many retail marketers is to either build or grow their email and mobile marketing databases (with the ultimate goal of driving sales). However, as any experienced retail marketer will tell you, this is more easily said than done.

Putting a sign up form on your website and hoping for the best usually yields underwhelming results. While collecting customer details in store proves too costly and time consuming for many retailers.

One of the single most effective ways of driving customers to sign up for email and mobile marketing communications from your brand is to offer them a genuine incentive. A competition with a wide appeal meets this objective and consistently proves one of the lowest cost tactics for customer acquisition. And by using a competition to custom build a database, brands have complete control over what customer data is collected, how it is collected, over what time frame and that the necessary legal considerations have been adhered to.

When devising a competition, there are several critical success factors that need to be taken into account. Firstly the prize offered must have a wide appeal. According to 2009 and Beyond, Key Insights into Promotions1 which surveyed 3500 consumers from around the world on their attitudes and behaviour in relation to promotions, cash is still the number one motivator for people to enter a competition. Holidays form the second most popular competition prize, however when it comes to choosing a holiday destination it becomes much harder to offer a single prize that will appeal to everybody.

Giving the perception that there is a reasonable chance for people to win is also important when devising a successful promotion. This can be achieved by offering a number of prizes and by increasing the frequency of prize allocation such as offering weekly or daily prizes.

The third key critical success factor is to ensure that the competition is easy to enter. When utilising a competition as an incentive to build a customer database, the database registration form will double as the competition entry page so it’s important to make sure it’s quick and easy to complete. Don’t attempt to collect too much customer data at the point of registration – brands often get overwhelmed by too much customer data anyway and so the information becomes redundant.

Once you’ve invested in a competition, maximize participation by including an effective viral mechanic. This is an excellent tool for spreading campaign awareness and can lift database registrations by between 40-50%.

Finally and most importantly, when you have built your customer database ensure that all communications to it adhere to direct marketing best practice. This will maintain a healthy audience for your email and mobile marketing communications.

A best practice guide to email and mobile marketing will be published in the May 22 edition of Inside Retailing.

Salmat Interactive is a leading provider of digital direct marketing services utilsing email, mobile, IVR and online. Salmat Interactive develops and manages the digital marketing strategy for some of Australia’s leading retailers.

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