Peter Alexander’s plus-sized price tags cause furore

Australian sleepwear brand Peter Alexander has come under fire for charging customers more for plus-sized variants of its products.

The brand introduced its extended-size range two years ago, and notes it is proud to be the “only designer sleepwear range in Australia that offers plus size styles”.

“To ensure comfort and that the fit is right, we utilise a different pattern to our regular collection,” a Peter Alexander spokesperson told IR.

“It is these different patterns, along with the size of the production run and, to a lesser extent, fabric consumption, that impacts the price of the styles. We try and limit this as much as possible, and as the category and production grows, we hope to achieve parity across our collections.”

Customers have taken to social media to weigh in on the debate, with some seeing the logic in the brand’s position, while others believe the price discrepancy is unreasonable.

“Peter Alexander coping it for charging more for plus size clothing than they charge for the ‘exact same item of clothing in non plus size’. It’s not the ‘exact same’. It’s the same design but double the size so double the material and extra costs. I don’t get some people,” tweeted one customer.

“This really shits me peteralexanderofficial I am also concerned by $70 and $80 nighties! WTF? #peteralexander #fatphobic,” another said.

“My thoughts on the #PeterAlexander torch bearers? Just think about trying to buy a large soft drink, but only want to pay for a small? More substance = more [money],” another customer wrote.

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  1. Avatar

    Jacob posted on January 11, 2019

    Couldn't agree with Peter more! It's definitely more than $10 worth of fabric that goes into plus sizes. reply

  2. Avatar

    Peter posted on January 11, 2019

    There should be two sets of pricing. Sizes 8 - 16 and 16+. There can be up to twice the amount of fabric in larger sizes and longer make time. I would have thought $10 was not enough to cover extra costs. There is no reason smaller sizes should subsidize larger. reply

  3. Avatar

    Scott posted on January 11, 2019

    Precisely... king size sheets cost more than singles, family-size pizzas cost more than personal pans - why shouldn't larger clothes cost more? reply

  4. Avatar

    Mick posted on January 11, 2019

    Well done Peter Alexander for providing a plus size range. The $10 extra is more than justified so ignore the ignoramus, tree hugger, do gooders that are offended at the sight of their own shadow as they have no commercial sense whatsoever! reply

  5. Avatar

    Denae posted on January 11, 2019

    Umm size 16 is much larger than size 8 but that is still the same price! I don't see the difference, it just makes plus size ladies feel bad for being bigger and is discrimination once you go beyond a certain size. reply

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