Deliveroo launches new range of services for restaurants

Levi Aron, Deliveroo Australia country manager

Deliveroo is partnering with organisations including Sidekicker and Tyro to offer restaurants a new range of essential businesses services, as it continues to evolve from a simple meal delivery platform to a food company that touches all aspects of the industry.

The program, called Restaurant Perks, currently includes seven partners offering services in six key sectors: utilities, recruitment, card payments, financial support, restaurant operations, and printing. The program is expected to grow to include more partners and services going forward. 

By using its scale to negotiate favourable rates and discounts, Deliveroo says the program will enable restaurants to find savings, reduce time and create greater efficiencies within their business.

“Deliveroo is passionate about food and wants to help great restaurants to grow,” Deliveroo country manager Levi Aron said.

“We have been working with restaurants to understand what would help their businesses and are proud to announce our new Restaurant Perks program, offering a package of support that will cut their day-to-day costs, meaning they can focus on what matters: producing amazing food.”

At the same time, Deliveroo is expanding the level of data insights it offers restaurants through Restaurant Home to help them increase the number of delivered orders and improve delivery times and overall service.

The company has also launched a new function called ‘marketer’ that allows restaurants to tailor different promotions to customers through the app.

More than just delivery

These are just the latest examples of Deliveroo’s efforts to extend its reach into the restaurant delivery beyond delivery.

The company recently ramped up its dark kitchen concept, Deliveroo Editions, with the launch of a second, much larger facility in the Collingwood suburb of Melbourne, which is enabling it to play a greater role in the growth and direction of restaurant brands across Australia.

In Hong Kong, Deliveroo has taken its dark kitchen concept one step further, turning one Editions site into an actual restaurant, where customers can order directly from the kitchens and eat in.

While there are no immediate plans to offer a similar service through Editions sites in Australia (the Hong Kong site, uniquely, is on a high street), a Deliveroo spokesperson told IR that the company is “always looking for new ways to help restaurants innovate and to increase choice for consumers, and we will of course consider whether new concepts such as this will work in other markets”.


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    Andrew Soldan posted on January 7, 2019

    Great example of a business working with other businesses to simplify, enhance and reduce costs for their customers! reply

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