Improving bar code device reliability with wireless charging

A major issue for retail IT managers, store managers, and retail staff is the failure of charging contacts on bar code devices. Retail staff rely on handheld scanners and handheld computers to read bar codes throughout the store. These battery powered units are charged using docking stations that hold the device and make a connection between the enterprise device and charging electronics. Over time contacts become worn, corroded and dirty, leading to poor charging or the prevention of charging.

We can thank smartphones for the solution. With so many smartphones in use, manufacturers faced a serious challenge from the failure of charging contacts. They needed a solution to eliminate contacts and increase reliability. In 2011 there were over 92 million smartphone users in the United States alone. That year Samsung released its first wireless charged Android phone. Since then, the integration of wireless charging has grown. Now wireless charging is used by Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG and many other manufacturers of consumer devices.

The industry standard to ensure wireless charging quality is Qi (pronounced Chee). Qi wireless charging was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, an open, collaborative standards development group of more than 600+ company members around the globe. Members include Apple, ASUS, Belkin, Bosch, Canon, ConvenientPower, Dell, Google, IKEA, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Sony, Verizon Wireless and many more.

Today Qi wireless charging is standard on most smartphones; This technology is proven, reliable and in use on millions of devices making it the ideal charging technology for enterprise devices.

Wireless charging of bar code devices like mobile computer, handheld scanners, and handheld computers eliminates cables, contacts, and makes managing devices much easier. Datalogic is the first bar code device manufacturer to offer Qi wireless charging on enterprise class devices including the Memor 10 Enterprise PDA, and the Memor 1 Handheld Computer. Datalogic wireless charging technology delivers many benefits including:

  • Elimination of charging contacts
  • Improved reliability
  • Accelerated charging
  • Reduced device maintenance
  • Multiple charging modes
  • Simplified device management

If you want to experience the benefits of wireless charging, request a no cost evaluation unit here. Learn more about the Memor 10 Enterprise PDA and the Memor 1 Handheld Computer by visiting


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