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optimisation eventMaking sure your website is easy to use and on a constant path for conversation rate increase is a hard task. Many times different consultancies promise quick wins and an immediate remedy for ‘the problem’, however, in reality those promises rarely prove themselves.

The challenge in site usability and conversion rate is that there is no one size fits all, often a solution that works for one website will not prove itself in another. This is due to the fact that users’ needs of website A will more likely to differ from users’ needs of website B. For example, a website that sells big appliances will have a different user base with a different set of needs compared to a website that sales shoes.

Keeping the above in mind means that the path for success around usability and conversion rate does not come from a set of rules and guidelines but rather from a solid company structure that supports a research and development process. Such a structure allows the digital team to discover their users’ unique set of needs and develop functionalities that cater to them.

The way leaders can insure their company or team structure support a constant evolution of improvement is by considering six main pillars:

Enhancements release process

The frequency in which your tech team releases enhancements is a fundamental for site evolution. This pillar focuses on the way company structure and stakeholders support a process that constantly push the product forward.

Calling bullshit and moving on from BA

Today, key stakeholders have lost the privilege of not being hands on. The days of playing Chinese whispers with your development team using a third party are becoming a distant memory. This pillar focuses on the role key stakeholders take in guiding teamwork and assessing outcome.

Nurture Business Intelligence (BI)

BI is a field that has yet to be fully recognised in the Australian market. This pillar focuses on what BI is and how businesses should harness such capabilities to reach more informed decisions that improve their business performance.

Avoid assumptions

A senior leader, executive, or stakeholder possesses vast industry experience. Such experience is invaluable in setting strategic direction, but can be devastating when driving tactical execution. This pillar focuses on the difference between strategic planning and tactical execution as well as the role of A/B testing and BI in forming decisions based on numbers rather than feelings.

Understand significance

Understanding what significance is and the difference between noise and a trend is the only way a leader will be able to interpret correctly the numbers that are presented.

Understand the purchase journey

When we think of the purchase journey of our users we like to think that they come to our homepage, find their category, progress to a filter page, compare a few products, add to cart, and buy. In reality, user journey to purchase is far more intricate. Understanding that journey is a main milestone in improving it.

Dr Liron Nehmandi is head of UX at Appliances Online and will present further on the topic of improving website usability and optimising conversion rate at Inside Retail Academy’s Conversion Rate Optimisation Workshop in Sydney on June 16 and Melbourne June 17. Tickets and more information can be found at here.


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