Companies cut up to 50 per cent of cooling energy costs

The concept of pre-cooling air conditioning systems

Retro-fitted to existing or new reverse cycle air conditioning systems, Climate Wizard can provide pre-cooling or supplementary cooling into any Commercial space with exceptional results. Acting like an ‘efficiency turbo charger’ the savings are immediate – up to 50% in cooling energy use^. Climate Wizard has been delivering these results as a pre-cooler within HVAC installations across Australia and around the world.

How Pre-Cooling Works

The key is to hyper-efficiently pre-cool air before it enters the refrigerated air conditioning system. Compressors don’t need to struggle in extreme summer conditions when fed with precooled 18 o C degree air from Climate Wizard. This significantly reduces the load on the system’s energy-hungry compressors.

Climate Wizard delivers ROI in multiple ways

Beyond the immediate savings from using less energy for cooling:
• Significantly reducing the load on compressors extends the compressor’s life, giving an ageing system a new lease on life and delaying significant capital outlay.
• If you plan for a new refrigerated air conditioning system, Climate Wizard’s boost to performance means the specified refrigerated system will be significantly downsized. System life is also extended with less maintenance required, due to reduced load and hours of operation with the refrigerated plant.
• Climate Wizard filters out particulates, improving indoor air quality and the comfort of occupants and helping to reduce sick building syndrome.
• Climate Wizard can also be used as the primary source of 100% fresh, cool, dry air, leaving the refrigerated system to run only when necessary.
• The hotter the environment gets, the better the performance. Never have your refrigerated cooling system struggle in extreme heat and consume excessive energy with less cooling performance.

Industry sectors who are using climate wizard around the world

– Food service / Restaurants
– Automotive / Dealerships
– Manufacturing / Industrial
– Education
– Health & Aged Care
– Supermarkets
– Cinemas
– Government
– Wineries
– Retail / Showrooms
– Sports / Leisure Centres
– Offices & Data Centres

Precooling Performance Data Of Climate Wizard

Some of the world’s most experienced HVAC engineers and sustainability experts have performed extensive technical due diligence, including leading universities in the US and Australia. We have multiple case studies and engineering fact-based results to share.

Your business case is waiting. Need more information before contacting us?

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See how companies are reducing up to 50% of their cooling costs.

^compared to refrigerated systems performing the same duty. Based on actual case study data in pre-cooling applications.


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