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Deliveroo quintuples dark kitchen space in fight for online food orders

Delivery platform promises restaurants new revenue stream.

Deliveroo launches new service for businesses

Online food company expands business delivery services.

Deliveroo at odds with Senate recommendations

The food-delivery service believes redefining the status of its employees will only serve to drive them away.

From the source: Levi Aron, Deliveroo

Smartphones and a booming convenience culture have given rise to a whole new side of the restaurant industry: food delivery platforms. This week’s featured executive thinks they’re about more than…

Deliveroo’s Marketplace+ coming to Australia

The number of restaurants on the app is expected to double.

Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover gig workers – here’s a way to protect them

The changing nature of work and what it means for the law of “employment” fundamentally requires national attention.

Vic to boost gig economy worker rights

Riders are set for a boost as part of changes.

Millennials driving meal delivery services

Almost 2 million Australians now use meal delivery services.

Greens push push to regulate gig economy work

Legislation to be introduced into parliament to protect pay and conditions in emerging market.

Deliveroo makes employees shareholders but riders miss out

Meal delivery business subject of protests in Sydney.