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Liars, tax cheats and bullies

The cynical world of global e-commerce players.

Imposing GST on low-value imports doesn’t level the playing field

The government’s new law unfairly imposes on retailers, says expert.

2016 in hindsight

Stuart Bennie looks at how his predictions fared for the year, pens a letter to the treasurer.

Black money in retail

Instead of trying to lower the low value import threshold, should government instead be focusing on black money tax evasion?

Predictions for 2016 in retail

Stuart Bennie makes his predictions for the year ahead.

NRA wants tax debate

Industry group calls for national tax debate after reports of potential GST increase.

WA campaigns to scrap GST threshold

Campaign to scrap $1000 GST threshold on overseas imports earlier than 2017.

GST to apply to all offshore sales

Treasurers agree to apply GST to all goods bought from overseas vendors.

Parcel pick up tax a possibility: Choice

Changes to GST could lead to parcel pick up tax, warns consumer advocacy group.

Retailers need bargaining power to compete

Stuart Bennie proposes an alternative to scrapping the LVIT.


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