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Australian Made labels GST decision a success

Not for profit organisation gives tick of approval for new taxation implementations.

Hockey applies GST to downloads

Retail bodies call for GST on all low value products bought from overseas following Netflix tax announcement.

Budget to look at online GST

Treasurer confirms draft legislation to address integrity of GST on intangible goods bought online from overseas.

GST debate heats up

NRA urges WA Govt to stop playing games and end political stand off over closing GST loophole for overseas retailers.

Campaign to close GST loophole

NZ retailers rally to close GST loophole which gives overseas websites an unfair advantage.

Hockey targets online for GST

Retailers commend Hockey on proposed ‘Netflix tax’.

GST changes to be debated

Government kick starts broad ranging discussions on tax reform.

SMEs want GST left alone

Survey shows small businesses would not support an increase in rate of GST.

Abbott says no to GST change

PM vows there will be no changes to GST before next Federal Election.

Fresh food in GST debate

Renewed talk about changes to GST sparks controversy over fresh food.


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