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Scentre Group, IBM, banks, launch blockchain for retail lease bank guarantees

New tech speeds up time it takes to get a bank guarantee.

Westfield Retail Study Tour diary: Dallas & NYC

US cities first cabs off the rank as Inside Retail joins 19th study tour.

IBM launches trend forecasting app for retail

New app listens to online conversations to predict hot products.

Expectation gap widens

Consumers continue to demand more from retailers, study shows.

Record sales for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday tops $US2 billion in America.

A burning impression

A great brand makes a burning impression in the mind of a customer, but leaves more than just a neutral mark, says Jon Bird.

Tech 1, retail 0

The tech takeover of our world is almost complete, says Jon Bird.

David Jones seals multichannel tech deal

Stores, ecommerce linked in one new platform.

5 in 5: IBM’s life-changing predictions

IBM names five innovations that will change the way we live, work and interact within the next five years.

A buyer’s market

IBM’s resident expert explains how to meet the demands of today’s technically savvy consumer.