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John Lewis renews focus on differentiation and innovation

The John Lewis Partnership announces clear plans to build on strengths and sharpen points of difference.


Keeping the best of the old, creating the ‘now’

Brian Walker on a classic brand that is innovating and reinventing itself.


Preview: Inside Retail Weekly 2189

A sneak peek at what’s featured in tomorrow’s edition of Inside Retail Weekly.

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Internal barriers stymie retail innovation

Australian senior executives see internal barriers, including emotional factors, as the key reasons innovation initiatives fail.


CBA: Aussie retailers behind other sectors on innovation

Sector lags behind counterparts according to new analysis.

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The appeal of the ‘flat’ organisation – why some firms are getting rid of middle managers

The trend of “flat” organisations catches on at some of the world’s biggest companies.

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CBA: Innovation pays off

For every dollar invested in innovation, Australian businesses receive two in return, according to research.


Mall of Qatar banks on experience

Top-notch recreation and leisure options fuel centre’s innovative approach.


Ikea has transformed the modern design world

How Ikea used affordable and innovative design to transform the homes of everyday consumers.

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How much for retail manufacturing?

Aussie retailers must reignite product development that leads to consumer acknowledged differentiation or they are dead.


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