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From the source: Tristan Harris, Harris Farm Markets

We chat with the grocery firm’s co-CEO and director of buying and marketing.

Kaufland to drive supermarket competition for years to come

Headwinds for Coles, Woolworths and Aldi as giant prepares to make its mark.

‘Down down’ and ‘cheap cheap’ are gone gone

Why supermarkets are moving away from price.

New competitors set to test $102 billion grocery sector

New entrants into the supermarket and grocery sector are set to test the big two’s market share over the next five years.

A year in review: the major stories of 2017

Here’s a recap of what grabbed headlines this year.

Inside Retail polls: International impact

What will Kaufland and Amazon’s impact on the local market be?

Duopoly’s grip under threat

German giant to dent grocers, DDS-chains.

A big turnaround for Big W?

Big W’s big plans for the future.

Schwarz Group, Aldi and the big two

Have your say on how the entry of Kaufland or Lidl may impact the supermarket industry.

German hypermarket ramps up Aussie entry plans

German hypermarket giant publicly lays down its blueprint for tackling the Australian market.


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