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What landlords assume about retailers

If you build the stage, who will come to act on it?

Australia’s vanishing stores

It’s not only online competition that’s impacting retailers.

Rental reset needed to address occupancy costs

Centres look to food as department stores consolidate.

Vacancy rate falls after ‘more realistic’ landlord expectations

Research finds occupancy rates holding up despite retail market pressures.

‘More urgency’ needed for future launches

Michael Hill chief says more comprehensive test and trial phases will inform future international launches.

Foodies key as landlords fret over rival centres

Latest survey highlights strongest performers and main concerns of centre managers.

The SumoSalad syndrome

Resentment toward the ‘negotiation’ of retail lease renewals by tenants has been simmering for a long period of time.

Retail leasing inquiry imminent

This week’s Inside Retail PREMIUM carries exclusive late breaking news, as well as news of an impending Government inquiry.

Retail fate set in stone

Australian jewellery chains say high shopping centre rents have turned them into “sitting ducks”.

Landlords stifling retail

This week’s Inside Retail Digital Weekly has an exclusive interview with a retailer who believes landlords have had the greatest impact on retail.