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SumoSalad Group appoints Ferrier Hodgson as administrators

Food chain’s CEO bullish on company’s turnaround prospects.

George battles Pitt for retail supremacy in Sydney CBD

New retailers attracted to redeveloping shopping hub.

What value in a lease?

How can retailers dishonour contractual commitments with no/limited consequence?

Retailers set for more change & rising liability levels with new accounting standards

There’s yet another financial obstacle for the dynamic retail sector.

Vicinity divests two retail precincts

Retail landlord sells off two non-core assets.

Government passes retail leasing bill

Amendment bill passes through NSW Parliament.

Just how short sighted are some of our landlords?

The concept of free and open trade is a myth and big, global fashion brands are experts at exploiting every loophole possible.

Leasing smarts

What does 2014 hold when it comes to negotiating leases?

GPT pushes pop ups

Property group partners with local online start up to market short term retail space.

Performance anxiety

Lee Trevena looks at the best way to measure the performance of your property.


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