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Purpose beyond profit

Giving ‘one per cent of profits’ doesn’t mean much to consumers.

Myer’s tepid first half

Sales in January and February “below expectations” for department store giant.

Specialty Fashion’s takeover snag, profit jump

Middle Eastern group’s bid halted while fashion retailer of well-known brands sees profits jump.

Domino’s buoyed by record network sales

Pizza chain puts aside franchisee controversy to report strong half-year results.

Just how short sighted are some of our landlords?

The concept of free and open trade is a myth and big, global fashion brands are experts at exploiting every loophole possible.

Kathmandu says first-half profit rises

Adventure gear retailer bolstered by solid same-store sales growth.

Pumpkin Patch’s dismal results

Childrenswear retailer loss widens as sales slide, debt mounts.

Harvey Norman’s profits soar

Furnishings and consumer electronics retailer’s sales leap, as international stores improve drastically.

Lovisa’s revenue, profits buoyed by new stores

Jewellery retailer posts solid FY16 result, UK pilot to become permanent.

Kathmandu’s profit expectations jump

Outdoor clothing retailer projects huge increase in annual profit.