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Tesco boss calls for tax on online sales

Dave Lewis says bricks-and-mortar would benefit from 2 per cent “Amazon tax”.

Political uncertainty undermines retail confidence

A political quagmire is likely to significantly impact on consumer spending in coming months.

ARA to work on low value GST compliance

The ARA says the GST changes will create a fairer tax system and put local retailers on a level playing field.

US Court rules against e-commerce companies in tax case

The decision echoes the Australian government’s move to ‘level the playing field’ through the implementation of GST on low-value imports.

‘Tax cuts doomed’: company directors head

Long awaited cuts may not pass Senate.

Company tax cut delayed

Government says it has more work to do to pass cuts.

Aldi signs up to ATO transparency code

German giant to publish voluntary report.

Second wave of business tax cuts

Incumbent government to introduce next part of its corporate cuts plan.

GST on online imports: time to stop the debate and act

Expect more bankruptcies, lost jobs, inferior products, and lower quality of service if we don’t look at the issues facing the retail industry holistically.

Liars, tax cheats and bullies

The cynical world of global e-commerce players.