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Walmart hires former Amazon exec on new expanded role

Retail giant hires new exec as it aims to compete with other tech savvy retailers.

Retail news from around the world

US retailers speak out on Trump tariffs; Amazon partners with Next; and more.

News from around the world

Steinhoff’s $5bn loss; Amazon’s striking workers; and Metro’s Real sale.

Walmart trials new digitised store format

Retail giant trials new AI-powered technology to monitor stores.

Walmart ‘hires’ an army of robots to handle cleaning and unboxing

US retailer adds thousands of robots to its stores to handle cleaning tasks.

Why retailers struggle to expand internationally

There’s no one-size-fits-all in international retailing.

Amazon plots new grocery offering

Online retail giant plans to strengthen its supermarket brand by purchasing local grocery chains.

Canadian Tire – dull, dependable, nice

How can such boring stores be so successful over four generations?

Jigsaw puzzle retail – missing a few pieces?

Despite the growth in adult jigsaw puzzle sales around the world, the spend dots are yet to be connected.

Walmart withdraws from Google shopping service

Google has lost one of the headline retail partners of its Shopping Actions program.