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Happy supermarket staff team holding thumbs up in teamwork effor

Happiness at work doesn’t just depend on your employer

Research shows that employee happiness is also determined by their personalities.


Retail: Move over Jack And Jill?

Gone are the days where corporate benefited from low skill sets running a retail outlet.


Honey Birdette brings raunch to the US

Lingerie brand hits US market, MD responds to staff controversy.

different, business

The secret life of an autistic retailer

Employers can be prejudiced against those they perceive to be disabled and often hide behind the bureaucracy of health and safety concerns.

time sheet, pay, wage

Retail chain donates after Ombudsman investigation

Retailer will revamp its workplace practices after underpaying workers.


Retailers lacking in (Dis)abled Intelligence

Dave Farrell on how retailers can benefit from embracing an integrated work culture.


Pharmacies mostly compliant

Fair Work investigation says 75 per cent of pharmacies are compliant with workplace laws.

IR grab backed by NRA

NRA welcomes Queensland proposal to take back IR powers from federal government.

Retail exec charged with sexual assault

Leader of retail chain, Rivers, is in trouble again.

She’ll be right won’t wash

Australia’s work culture is a “major barrier” to retail growth, argues consultant Jeff Sher.


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